In the material of Viaplant, the plant parts are combined with a clear binder. The translucent plant patterns have been selected to fit in different interiors and create an exciting atmosphere. The collection is therefore made up of cooler and warmer shades as well as loose and flowing patterns.


Viaplant furniture is unique and elegant, and thanks to its design, it is also durable. The color and texture of the illuminated plant parts give the room a calm and emotional atmosphere.


made of Viaplant’s organic panels can create an elegant, unmistakable atmosphere anywhere in the apartment. Whether in the living room, the bedroom or the bathroom, Viaplant makes you feel like you are in a luxury hotel.


The kitchen is one of the most important scenes in our lives. Viaplant panels not only make our kitchen eye-catching, but they are also easy and safe to clean thanks to their timeless design.


Using Viaplant plant composite, not only everyday objects and decorative items can be made, but also custom-designed jewelry. Each piece is uniquely elegant and carries a tiny piece of nature.


Who would have thought that grass and painted hay could be used to make a stylish notebook and even an elegant tray using autumn leaves? Viaplant’s special raw material can make such seemingly impossible ideas come true.