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In recent years, as a result of the research and development of our landscape architect office, we have created creative materials containing real plant residuals that can be used in various ways in the field of interior design. The name of the product, which is unique on the Hungarian and international markets, is Viaplant.


The obvious feature of the material we have developed is the plant itself. Its details, colors and texture capture a moment of plant development and preserve it in the long run. In a similar way to amber, the nature enclosed in a time capsule – together with its heritage and history – lives on with us in our homes and objects of use.

So we offer a completely new experience for interior design. Our team of experts gives our partners maximum support to inspire their work and at the same time help them create new, exciting solutions.

If you are interested in this special opportunity, please first register than download our support kit. Here you will find everything you may need and help you with the design process: 

  • floor plans, views, 3d models 
  • application instructions 
  • plant texture photos 
  • product catalog 

After registration, we will send you an email with a link to download the kit. 


Viaplant featured in material libraries:MILAN , LONDON, DALLAS, BILBAO, NEW YORK, BANGKOK,  TOKYO

If you would like to work with Viaplant, please get in touch by visiting our showroom at Budapest (by appointment only) or contacting us via:

Showroom:1136 Budapest Hegedűs Gyula utca 15.

Tel: +36 20 257 7040

Email: viaplant(at)

Szabó András / Head of Sales

Email: andras.szabo(at)