Pendants, table lamp, floor lamp and illuminated furniture

During the design of the COLUMNA lamps and furniture, our goal was to create a clean design and easy handling, as well as to make the material look good.
The bases of the furniture and table lamps are made of surface-treated pine solid wood, the shades are made of Viaplant composite




Pendants, table and floor lamps

In addition to aesthetics, practicality was also in focus in the design of HEDRON lamps. In addition to the decorative solutions for mood lighting, our enhanced version offers new possibilities for the user thanks to its functional light.
The HEDRON lamps are easy to hold and lap, and the battery-powered version can be taken out on the terrace or in the garden.


Illuminated coffee table and nightstand

The design of OBLIQ furniture combines the triad of plant textures, light and outstanding functionality. Thanks to their classic proportions, they radiate determination, elegance and harmony, and the color and texture of the illuminated plant parts fill our home with a calm and emotional atmosphere.



Illuminated wall lamps and floor lamps

One of the features of Viaplant panels is the opaque transparency. Thanks to this, we can achieve spectacular results by scanning the material. QUADRUM wall lamps treat nature’s performance as a true work of art.
The decorative, nature-evoking surface functions both as an emotional wall image and as a mood lighting in our interiors


Floor, table and wall lamps

Going beyond the static structure and the mood lighting function, the light source of Libro lamps can be ideally directed to the area to be illuminated.

In addition to its decorative and atmospheric value, it can also be a reading lamp according to its function, and floor lamps can also illuminate larger interiors.