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Viaplant - sport memorabilia
Sport memorabilia
Project: sport memorabilia
Date: 2021

GRASS is one of the central plant components used to make Viaplant material. Grass tracks are an excellent source and are easy to collect, and objects made using site-specific grass can preserve historical moments.

The experiences of football matches can be “locked in” into a Viaplant object like a time capsule. This can be of special value in the case of a World Cup final. The same concept can be applied to soccer leagues, for this purpose fans or VIP souvenirs can be made.

Among other things, GRASS provides the framework for the game and is thus able to carry many stories. Stories that generations can remember, individual perseverance for success, and effort of the team are all there in these objects that can now be taken home, given as a gift, remembered, or share memories with each other by it and at the same time to express our respect for our beloved team.